Software solution for Glaziers

Smart Toolbox is the Software Solution for Glaziers

Are you ready to move your glass business into the digital age?

Smart Toolbox

Everything you need to run your glass shop in one place

Smart Toolbox is a powerful job management system that has been built specifically for glass shops and glaziers to run their businesses.

It will allow you to design, quote, order, schedule, invoice and report from a single system. Whether you currently struggle to find your customers' job information when they call, or wait on team members for pricing, scheduling or invoicing, we can help.

Smart Toolbox understands how glaziers price and quote jobs better than any other software on the market.

Don't believe us? Talk to our team and see it for yourself!

Smart-Toolbox - glass and glazing software
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Smart-Toolbox is a job management system designed for Glaziers

Smart Toolbox is designed for glaziers

Running a glass shop is unlike any other business. You need more than just a hard work ethic, you need specialist knowledge to be competitive and experience to get the job right first time.

Choose software built specifically for the glass and glazing industry and continuously refined for over 20 years.
Choose a job management system that helps glaziers track what’s been ordered, what’s overdue and what’s ready to install.
Choose design tools that can draw AND price your glass in one step.

Choose Smart Toolbox for Glaziers.

Key features of Smart Toolbox

Beautiful quotes

Beautiful quotes

Your whole team will be able to accurately quote and get that back to the customer quickly, winning more jobs. Your quotes will have a professional and clean look, customised to your business.

Advanced reporting

Advanced Reporting

No more guess-work. Powerful reporting tools, including a margin analysis tool ensure you always know which jobs are profitable and where to focus your team's attention.



A built-in glass designer so you can design and price virtually any piece of glass, fast! Use library jobs to quickly repeat your most common designs while still having the flexibility to customise further.

Smart-Glazier app

Integrated and free measurement app

Your team can use the free Smart-Glazier measurement app to quickly and accurately take shower measures and sync the data from the field directly back to the office.

Easily clone jobs

Clone jobs

Clone jobs or glass to make order entry fast and simple. Save common jobs and glass panels as templates to provide structure and speed up order entry for the whole team.

Schedule your whole team

Schedule your team

Drag and drop jobs to any of your team members and see their schedule update. New mapping feature means you can see all the activity you have planned as well as the routes to get there.

It's time to get started with Smart Toolbox

The easiest way to see what Smart Toolbox can do for your glass business is to talk to our team and arrange a custom demonstration. Our team can show you the features that will help your business the most and answer all your questions.