Smart Glazier Connect

Connect your customers to your cutting table

The world's leading flat glass E-commerce platform

Smart Glazier Connect is an online E-commerce platform for the glass industry. Give your customers the power to place orders online for any flat glass. IG units, mirrors, table tops, showers, railings, custom laminates... if it's flat glass, we can do it!

Our platform sits beside your current glass processing solution. We export to A+W, Optima, Glasstrax, & Lisec, as well as to a huge range of DXF formats for your cutting table, CNC or waterjet.

Setup is fast, easy and affordable. Get a pilot today!

Glass E-commerce

Receive orders for IG's & custom tempered glass online

Smart Glazier Connect is an online E-commerce portal for glass processors. Your customers can log in, draw and order any type of flat glass. From IG's, custom laminates, showers, storefronts, railings, mirrors, shelves, table tops to glass louvres. The orders come through as clean, clear, easy-to-interpret processing drawings, complete with DXF files for your CNC/Waterjet and we have a range of exports for leading industry processing software.

The easy-to-use drawing tool has been proven to be faster than CAD or pen and paper.



The best glass drawing software in the industry

Our software is easier to use and faster than any other glass drawing software on the market. That includes a pencil and paper, and our software can do much, much more than just draw.

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