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Software is no longer a novelty in the glass industry — it's the norm.

Smart Toolbox

The modern glass industry

Technology is becoming increasingly commonplace in the glass industry. The question is no longer 'Are glass installers and fabricators using glass software?' but 'What glass software are they using and how are they using it?'

Where does your glass business stand? Are you at the forefront of glass technology or are you catching up?

Smart Toolbox is the job management software for the glass industry, handling your job information from the initial enquiry stage right through to quotes, scheduling, tracking supplies, invoicing and receipting.

Point-of-sale software for the glass industry

Smart Toolbox takes care of all your point-of-sale needs and is specifically designed to work the way glass businesses do.

  • Quoting is a breeze in Smart Toolbox. All of your cost and sell prices can be prepopulated so anyone in your team can generate an accurate, detailed quote in minutes. We understand that job requirements often change which is why Smart Toolbox has a quote revision feature built in, you'll be able to see how the job specifications have changed over time.
  • Purchase orders and glass labels help you keep on top of what's due and track inwards goods. You can create multiple purchase orders per job, Smart Toolbox adapts to the way you work.
  • Invoicing glass jobs can be a headache but Smart Toolbox takes the pain away with the ability to either fully invoice a job at once or break it down and invoice in stages if need be. Invoices can be created directly from a work order and synced automatically to your accounting software (depending on which program you're using).

Smart Toolbox integrates with popular accounting programs including QuickBooks Online, MYOB, Xero, SAP and Sage. With Smart Toolbox and a great accounting program, your point-of-sale work can all be taken care of in one place — no double entry required.

As the glass industry increasingly embraces automation and quotes are being turned around faster than ever, a comprehensive point-of-sale system is essential to keeping up with the competition.

Scroll down for more detail on the Smart Toolbox features.

Smart Toolbox - Glass industry software

Glass industry management software

Smart Toolbox is a complete solution for glass businesses — not only does it handle your point-of-sale needs, it helps you manage the internal process of getting the job completed.

Scheduling is one of Smart Toolbox's most powerful features and can be used to schedule staff, vehicles or workshop stations. From the scheduling screen you will be able to:

  • Set estimated visit times to help manage your team efficiently
  • Assign multiple staff to a job, including a lead and back-up installer
  • Easily email customers to confirm and change appointments
  • See when materials for installation have been received
  • Report on time quoted vs. time spent when the job is complete
  • Send and update appointments directly to your installers' phones using the built-in Office 365 or Google Calendar integration

Reporting is the best way to find out how the business is going and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Smart Toolbox's reporting functionality goes deeper than just profit and loss, it allows you to see who your best salespeople and customers are, what your best products are and the exact margin you're making, and helps you manage job status, overdue invoices and productivity among other things.

Beat the competition

Streamline job management and business operations with Smart Toolbox.