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Smart Glazier Connect

The first-of-its-kind Online Glass E-commerce Platform for Fabricators.

Eliminate order bottlenecks and manual entry errors by giving your customers the power to design and place digital orders for architectural & flat glass.

Are you ready to move your glass fabrication business into the digital age?

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Smart Glazier Connect is a glass order management software that connects glass fabricators to glaziers

What is Smart Glazier Connect?

Smart Glazier Connect is the online ordering system that glass fabricators have been waiting for.

This world-leading flat glass E-commerce platform has been purpose-built for fabricators to make connecting customers to the cutting table easier than ever before.

Using Smart Glazier Connect, fabricators can provide a custom-branded portal login to their customers - the glaziers & glass shops. Inside the portal, the customer can design, price, and place digital orders for custom-cut annealed, tempered, and laminated glass - whether it's IG units, mirrors, table tops, showers, railings, or custom laminates.

Fabrication-ready orders are transferred instantly to the fabricator's order entry team via the customer portal and email, eliminating the need for manual data entry and pricing. The orders can also be imported from a variety of software, including LogiKal, GDS WinBidPro, Excel, DXF, the CRL suite (Showers Online, Shopfronts Online, Handrails Online), and other Smart Glazier software.

Smart Glazier Connect also integrates with current glass fabrication solutions, offering exports to popular systems like A+W, Optima, Glasstrax, and Lisec, as well as various DXF formats for the cutting table, CNC, or waterjet.

Smart Glazier Connect is faster than CAD or paper and is mobile responsive, enabling customers to access the customer portal whether they’re on-site, in the office, or at home.

Setup is quick, easy, and affordable, so book a demo today!

Smart Glazier Connect is a glass E-commerce platform that is:

Smart Glazier Connect is faster than CAD or paper

Faster than CAD or paper

Smart Glazier Connect is accessible anytime, anywhere

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Smart Glazier Connect is very easy to use

Very easy to use

Smart Glazier Connect is affordable and scalable

Affordable and scalable

Smart Glazier Connect is designed for integration with industry-leading software

Designed for integration with industry-leading software

Smart Glazier Connect is proven to reduce errors & lead times

Proven to reduce errors & lead times

Smart Glazier Connect customer portal for glass fabricators

Client Testimonial

"Since we've been using Smart Glazier Connect we have seen a significant growth in order volume from the customers using the portal. The support we have received has been excellent. I love it, love the speed of it and the ease of use."

- Over the Mountain Glass, USA

Glass E-commerce

Receive orders for IG's & custom tempered glass online

If you want to encourage glaziers to place digital glass orders, then your tools need to make their lives easier. Smart Glazier Connect is an online glass E-commerce portal that glaziers love.

Your customers can log in, draw and order virtually any piece of flat glass. From glass for custom laminates, IG units, showers, storefronts, railings, mirrors, shelves, table tops to glass louvers. The orders come through as clean, clear, easy-to-interpret fabrication drawings, complete with DXF files for your CNC/Waterjet and we have a range of exports for leading industry fabrication software.

Glass E-Commerce on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile
Glass design software that connects glass fabricators to glaziers

Glass Designer

Easy-to-interpret glass designs delivered online

Our glass designer is easy to use, incredibly intuitive, and has been proven to be faster than CAD or pen and paper. With drag-and-drop cutouts, one-click edgework and a custom shape designer, it can handle anything your customers need to throw at it.

Receive orders for annealed, laminate, tempered & insulated glass online, ready for fabrication.

Don't believe us? Talk to our team today and see it for yourself!

Custom Showers

A shower solution that adds value and increases orders

Smart Glazier Connect includes the power of the industry’s leading shower software, complete with CRL & US Horizons hardware.

Win customer loyalty by adding significant value to your offering. Make it easier than ever for your customers to do business with you and grow your accounts without increasing the workload on your order entry team.

Book a Demo to find out more.

A shower designer that adds value and increases orders
Glass sales software that works for fabricators and glaziers


Remove pressure from your pricing team

Smart Glazier Connect can be loaded with all your costs so, while your customer draws, pricing is calculated automatically in the background.

This glass order entry software understands shapes, surcharges and how to price notches, holes and edgework so your customers don’t have to.

You can set the pricing for each customer individually in their order portal, ensuring that every customer gets the right price every time.

Ready to see Smart Glazier Connect in action? Book a demo now!

Legacy Glass Fabrication

Over half of our daily orders come through from the online portal now, another quarter are converted directly from Showers Online® and the rest we convert from chicken scratch into fabrication ready DXF’s using the glass designer. It’s awesome.

Legacy Glass Fabrication

Receive beautiful glass drawings through the customer order portal for glass fabricators

On the Go

Provide access to order anywhere, anytime

Smart Glazier Connect is mobile responsive, enabling your customers to access the customer portal whether they’re on-site, in the office, or at home.

Orders are received from the customer portal both via email and directly into your master site, providing realtime visibility of all orders.

With the ability to handle pricing and orders 24/7, Smart Glazier Connect allows your team to focus on building relationships and solving problems, rather than playing catchup on quotes.

See how Smart Glazier Connect can transform your business. Book a demo today.


Drawings arrive ready for fabrication

Reduce your turnaround time — Your customers drawings arrive fabrication ready, eliminating the need for time-consuming redraws.

Smart Glazier Connect is also ideal for internal order entry of hand-drawn faxes or emails from customers who are not yet ordering online. You can even import DXF/DWG glass profiles from customers designing railings with AutoCAD/SolidWorks.

Save time, reduce mistakes, and export directly to fabrication.

Find out more with a free demonstration.

Receive glass orders digitally, ready for fabrication
Smart Glazier Connect is glass order management software that integrates with your machinery


Send to your Fabrication software, CNC & Waterjet in one click

Smart Glazier Connect has purpose-built send books that can be customized to export everything you need to fabricate your glass in one click. We can:

  • Export to A+W, Optima, Opty-way, Edit-way, Glasstrax and Lisec software
  • Create multiple custom-configured DXF files that will load into your cutting table, CNC or Waterjet

Often glass plants will have more than one CNC or waterjet and each machine requires a slightly different DXF format for import. With the send books in Smart Glazier Connect, you can export options for all your machinery and then just load the one you need depending on your requirements.


Import from Showers Online® and more...

Smart Glazier Connect can receive online orders from any Showers Online® account and convert them into the files you need for fabrication and invoicing. Eliminate needless order entry from orders that have already been entered by your customers or your team.

Smart Glazier Connect can also import from DXF, Excel, GDS WinbidPro, and from the Smart Glazier Software suite.

Streamline your data entry and get more glass fabricated.

Smart Glazier Connect imports from Showers Online®️

Kickstart your success with Smart Glazier Connect

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