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Smart Splashback

Draw, calculate, price and order your splashbacks in seconds

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Smart Splashback

Smart Splashback

Splashback Design Software

Smart Splashback is a complete solution for companies offering glass splashbacks. Like the rest of the Smart Glazier Software glass software range, it has all the features you need, including:

  • Drag and drop cutouts
  • Detailed glass drawings
  • Installation instructions
  • Accurate costing
  • Glass processing rules
  • Attractive quotes
  • Cloud-based

Our team are ready to show you how Smart Splashback works and answer any questions. Book a personalised demo today.

Custom NotchesHoles & Cutouts

Increase Sales

Professional quotes with 3D drawings

Buying decisions are heavily influenced by how professional and reliable a customer perceives a business to be. Put them at ease right from the beginning with a slick and professional quote, complete with 3D drawings, produced in seconds in our splashback design software, Smart Splashback.

It is easy to generate an accurate quote on-site, closing the sale to your impressed customer before a competitor has even got their foot in the door!

Smart Splashback - Increase sales
Smart Splashback - Save time

Save Time

Fast and accurate calculations

Time is money, as the saying goes. Smart Splashback calculates in seconds what would normally take much longer. Because it is easy to use, your less experienced staff can produce quotes, freeing up your most valuable staff to focus on other areas of the business.

The time savings continue after a quote is won, where a single click of the mouse can produce either printed or machine-readable glass drawings, and detailed instructions for your installers to take on-site.

Gain Control

Complete job management so you can keep track of every job

Have you ever had a customer call up and give the go-ahead for a quote that you’ve since misplaced? Or perhaps a customer breaks a panel of glass; how do you order a replacement without going back and re-measuring?

Smart Splashback solves both problems by keeping a complete record of all splashbacks you design.

smart splashback helps you gain control
improve your drawings with smart splashback

Avoid Mistakes

Warnings and rules to avoid bad glass

Splashbacks are the most unforgiving of toughened glass structures because of the complete lack of framing. The cost of replacing glass panels once they have been painted can be significant, particularly once the time lost is taken into account.

Smart Splashback minimises glass wastage by making sure site measurements add up and clearances are always deducted. The 3D drawings also provide a visual check to ensure no power outlet or faucet cutouts are forgotten.

Sell Online

Let your customers order splashbacks on your existing website 24/7

Smart Web can be easily added to your current website and you can start taking enquiries for splashbacks instantly.

Your customers can design the splashback they need and see it come to life in front of their eyes. Once they're happy with the design they've created the enquiry is sent to you for review.

You'll be getting new leads even when the shop is closed. To see what Smart Web can do for your glass business, book a demo with the Smart Glazier Software team.

you can sell splashbacks on your current website

It's time to get started with Smart-Splashback