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Video Testimonials

L&L Glass


Pete French - L&L Glass

"Smart Toolbox has dramatically improved our quoting, scheduling, and team communications. We are more organized, can see everything in one place and are saving so much time"

Over the Mountain Glass logo


Steven Trakas - Over the Mountain Glass

“Since we've been using Smart Glazier Connect we have seen a significant growth in order volume from the customers using the portal. The support we have received has been excellent. I love it, love the speed of it and the ease of use.”

The Shower Lab

United Kingdom

Andy - Owner, The Shower Lab

“It is straightforward software to learn. Support is excellent. Confirmations are quick to do.”

L&L Glass


Gabby Purcell - L&L Glass

"...I've experienced nothing but really amazing calls... it's just so different from any kind of support that I've received with any other program, there aren't these long holds, or these annoying scripts, it just feels really organic and like everybody knows what they're doing, and I've just had really really positive experiences, literally every time I've called."


Wally Vermeulen -

Toolbox speeds things up considerably in our opinion and makes processing our orders so much easier!"

"Met toolbox gaat alles weer wat sneller, dus zo verwerken we de bestellingen veel makkelijker!

National Glass Pty Ltd


Robert OBoyle - Manager, National Glass

"Switching to Smart Glass has been a major step forward in how we process customer orders. Our customers can now order simple or complex glass online and these orders are efficiently processed utilising our existing ERP system. Our customers feedback has been very positive as it is so easy to use, and our order entry staff only need to check the orders instead of manually entering them. The result has seen a significant improvement in lead time in addition to increased order accuracy.

We would strongly recommend Smart Glass as an online order entry portal to any glass fabricator that wants increase their productivity and business efficiency."

Room H2O

United Kingdom

Nishi Sharma - Room H2O

"I use Smart Shower and it has reduced the errors we make, sped up our sales and installation process and increased the sales we make. The support team is great in assisting with any queries and fixing any technical issues that we have. I would recommend Smart Shower."

Saint-Gobain Glassolutions


Birgitte Rom - Saint-Gobain Glassolutions

"We have been using Smart-Builder for several years now. Having started off using Smart-Shower for shower solutions, we have now added glass partitions and doors. It’s very useful for us. Smart-Builder makes it easier for our internal sales force to handle orders and we have reduced the number of mistakes by using the system. Our customers are also very happy with the system as they get professional drawings and it’s very easy for them to see the final solution. The team at Smart-Builder have helped us a lot, we can now make all our specific solutions in one system and this saves us a great deal of time."

Dulles Glass and Mirror


Ali G. Guney - President, Dulles Glass and Mirror

"Smart-Toolbox has greatly decreased mistakes and delays, which has resulted in much more efficient operations, increased company profits and effectiveness. It has been one of the best investments we have made to improve our company and assure future growth."

Viridian Glass

New Zealand

Gary Walden - General Manager, Viridian Glass LTD

"We use Smart-Toolbox for many large projects and find it brilliant for tracking and controlling our costs and margins to enable our site staff to run efficient and profitable projects."

Jim's Glass Australia


Phillip Mauviel- Divisional General Manager, Jim's Glass

"Smart-Toolbox is an instrumental tool in the success of our business. It provides us with a comprehensive control over our workflows, and the ability for our glaziers to quote and invoice on the spot is a contributing factor to our high win rates and our minimal debtor days. The backup and support for the system is second to none, with the interface being easy to use and learn. Smart-Toolbox really is the complete Glazing Job Management System."

Go Glass

United Kingdom

Tracy Saunders - Sales Director, Go Glass

"Smart-Toolbox has greatly increased our productivity and sales of frameless glass products, with fewer errors and much-improved delivery times. We have integrated Smart-Toolbox completely into our business and utilise all aspects including the superb reporting facilities and excellent scheduling. It is hard to imagine running our business without it."

Viridian Glass

New Zealand

Henry McCambridge - Sales Manager, Viridian Glass

"Smart-Toolbox is an excellent visual sales tool with its 3D drawings. The ability to attach PDF files to emails results in a professional-looking quote that can be created and delivered to the customer in minutes. Smart-Toolbox is very good at integrating all the facets of our business — ordering, quoting, work orders, scheduling, invoicing and stock control. This gives us a competitive edge in the marketplace."

Euroglass Australia


Peter Condon - Managing Director, Euroglass Australia PTY LTD

"My company has used various versions of Smart-Toolbox since 1997 and could not operate as effectively without it. It is the most effective and all-encompassing software tool of its type in the world. Any company which is serious about its involvement in frameless glass systems cannot operate effectively without the Smart-Toolbox software."

Viridian Glass

New Zealand

Sera Moore - Contracts Co-ordinator, Viridian Glass LTD

"Smart-Toolbox has been great, enabling me to programme & keep track of jobs for ten installers. I can also exactly track the hours spent on each job to stay within our costing."


New Zealand

Robert Famularo - Director, Euroglass Systems

"Our company has used the software for ten years now and the savings in glass errors, time and money have been phenomenal. We see it as a vital tool for any owner who wants to grow their business. It has been the unsung hero of our installation business."

Glasmanufaktur Buttikon


Michel Mlaker - Managing Director, Glasmanufaktur Buttikon AG

"We have been working with the Smart-Shower software for some years now. It became inconceivable for us to have to work without the Software; this was already evident after the short settling-in period. Working with it is fun and super efficient. In the past Smart-Builder software has been constantly developed and improved and this is still happening on an ongoing basis. Really top software! Top support!

Wir arbeiten nun seit einigen Jahren mit der Software im Duschbereich. Nach der kurzen Eingewöhnungszeit, ist es für uns unvorstellbar geworden, ohne die Software arbeiten zu müssen. Damit zu arbeiten macht spass und ist sehr effizient. Sie wurde in der Vergangenheit fortlaufend verbessert und erweitert. Wirklich Top Software! Top Support!"



Steven Kola - Director, Vetro Pty Ltd

"Smart-Shower is great. I have now used it for around 4-5 years and it’s never been easier to compute a shower. I will always use it. Smart-Builder is well ahead of the rest. Thanks for making my job easier."

Greenlane Glass

New Zealand

Daniel Roberts - Manager, Greenlane Glass

"Smart-Toolbox has totally changed our business. We are more efficient now — we never miss anything. The scheduling is brilliant, everyone is on it."



Marc Hanley - Director, Hydroscreen Pty Ltd

"Hydroscreen recently started using Smart-Shower which has greatly improved our presentation and communication with both trade and retail customers. The reports and documentation also provides clear and efficient internal communication with our staff and suppliers. In addition the Smart-Builder staff have been very helpful with trouble shooting in the implementation process. I have no hesitation recommending the Smart-Shower software."

Koru Glass

United Kingdom

Greg Harris - Owner, Koru Glass

"Quote, order, install & invoice - all at your finger tips."

Allied Glass

New Zealand

Alan Grover - Director, Allied Glass

"We are a small growing business and needed something more than MYOB to help with quoting and invoices and Smart-Toolbox is now a key component of our business. The software has increased our efficiency and accuracy while decreasing our mountain of paper work. The level of support is more than we could’ve hoped for. We would highly recommend the Smart-Builder team and the software to any glass business…"

RB Glas & Plast AB


Ola Anvegård - RB Glas & Plast AB

"This software (Smart-Balustrade) is probably one of the best pieces of software I have ever used."


United Kingdom

Owen Josey - Showerpower

"Smart-Builder is a key component of our business. The software has increased our efficiency and accuracy and has reduced response times, while the level of support is to be commended. We would not hesitate to recommend the Smart-Builder team and associated products."

Unex Systems

New Zealand

Ben Thomas - Customer Service Manager, Unex Systems

"Smart-Railing provides accurate pricing and saves us a significant amount of time calculating hardware sizes and quantities. The 3D drawings are outstanding and boost the visual presentation of our quotations. Smart-Builder have been great to work with and we have consistently experienced excellent service."

Grace Haven Industries

South Africa

Clinton Bunch - Sales and Marketing Director, Grace Haven Industries

"We have been using Smart-Builder since 2008 and have found the product to be invaluable to both us and our customers. The programme allows us to provide a fast and accurate drawing and estimating service to frameless shower and shopfront hardware customers. We remain convinced that from an ease of use as well as value point of view, we made the correct decision."

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