Smart Railing - Railing Design Software for Glaziers

Smart Railing

Eliminate confusion & close deals faster with Smart Railing Design Software.

✓ Effortlessly design railings in minutes using a drag-and-drop glass designer

✓ Help your customers visualise designs by providing professional quotes with colour 3D drawings, featuring accurate glass and hardware

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Smart Railing glass software lets you quickly and easily design railings

Railing Design Software

Smart Railing is a complete solution for companies offering fences, barriers and railings. Like the rest of the Smart Glazier Software range it has all the features you need, including:

  • Drag and drop cutouts
  • Detailed glass drawings
  • Installation instructions
  • Accurate costing
  • Glass processing rules
  • Attractive quotes
  • Cloud-based

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Smart Railing 3D Image

Why Smart Railing?

Smart Railing is the fastest & easiest way to design railings

Smart Railing drawing system animates the image


An integrated drawing system renders your designs in stunning 3D, letting you wow your clients with zoomable, rotatable models of their railings.

Smart Railing provides detailed drawings

Detailed glass drawings

Produce accurate glass drawings with cutout blowups and movable dimension lines. Output via email, print, or directly to DXF for production.

Smart Railing provides a production report

Production instructions

Produce a production report that shows precisely where to drill for both glass and hardware.

Smart Railing provides accurate costings

Accurate costing

Smart Glazier Software automatically calculates the cost of your glass and processing for the selected supplier. Change suppliers to instantly compare costs before you place an order.

Quote Quickly

Professional & Attractive 3D Quotes

Smart Railing produces an accurate full-colour or outline-rendered drawing of your balustrade as you design it. This can be rotated, resized and adjusted to show off the design exactly how you want.

Needless to say, this is a great selling point on quotes and really helps your customers visualise your proposal.

Smart Railing - quote quickly and accurately
Smart-Railing - calculate in seconds

Save Time

Fast & Accurate Calculations

Time is money, as the saying goes. Smart Railing calculates in seconds what would normally take much longer. It's ease of use allows your less experienced staff to produce quotes, freeing up your most valuable staff to focus on other areas of the business.

The time savings continue after a quote is won where a single click of the mouse can produce either printed or machine readable glass drawings, hardware lists and detailed instructions for your installers to take on-site.

Avoid Mistakes

Automatic Glass Size & Cutout Calculations

Toughened and laminated glass is expensive. Smart Railing reduces wastage by taking care of the glass size and cutout calculations for you, then producing detailed glass order drawings at the touch of a button.

Not only does this save you money replacing incorrect glass, it also saves all the time and hassle of repeat visits and rescheduled installations. Error-free installs make for happy customers.

Smart-Railing - take care of glass size and calculations
Smart-Railing - include a complete installation printout

Install quickly

Easy Production & Installation

Smart Railing produces an installation printout complete with a plan view and optimised hardware cutting instructions. Each cut piece includes mitre information and is labelled and referenced back to the correct location on the plan, making installation a snap.

Gain Control

Keep Track of Every Job

Have you ever had a customer call up and give the go-ahead for a quote that you’ve since misplaced? Or perhaps a customer breaks a panel of glass; how do you order a replacement without going back and remeasuring?

Smart Railing solves both problems by giving you complete job management, keeping a complete record of all railings you design.

Smart-Railing - keep a complete record of all balustrades quoted or installed
Sell railings on your website 24/7

Smart Web

Enable Railing Orders on your Website 24/7

Smart Web can be easily added to your current website and you can start taking enquiries for railings instantly.

Your customers can design the railing they need and see it come to life in front of their eyes. Once they're happy with the design they've created the enquiry is sent to you for review.

You'll be getting new leads even when the shop is closed. To see what Smart Web can do for your glass business, book a demo with the Smart Glazier Software team.

It's time to see how Smart Railing works