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Glazier software pricing

How investing in Smart Glazier Software has helped other businesses

First off, you need to see it for yourself. Book a demo or get a free trial. Invite some team members and try us on for size. Then get in touch. We want the price conversation to be the easiest part of signing up for Smart Glazier Software. You can customise your plan with the features you need.

Smart Glass

Pricing starting from

Smart Glass is a simple cloud-based glass order entry platform for glaziers. Give your glass vendor a beautiful, clear drawing of what you need, and do it in less time than it takes to draw it or type it out by hand.

With Smart Glass you can also quote on-site and get instant, accurate pricing for all your glass, and you will never lose another order sheet again. Everything is saved in the cloud!

£40 per month
€50 per month

Smart Shower, Smart Balustrade, Smart Splashback or Smart Shopfront

Pricing starting from

Select a template, enter site measurements and select your hardware. It is literally that simple. With 3 steps, the design module will produce a cost for your glass structure, a sell price, a quote, a 3D image, a detailed glass order for production, CNC ready AutoCAD files, a hardware list and an installation sheet for your installers.

Needless to say, this is a great selling point on quotes and really helps your customers visualise your proposal.

£100 per month
€120 per month

Smart Web

Pricing starting from

Smart Web can be easily added to your current website and you can start taking enquiries for glass structures instantly.

Your customers can design their dream balustrade, shower, splashback and/or shopfront and see it come to life in front of their eyes. Once they're happy with the design they've created the enquiry is sent to you for review.

Most websites have contact details, or a request a quote button, but customers who are browsing late at night or at weekends are less likely to remember who you are when you get in touch the next day. If you offer an interactive tool to help your prospective customers to design their own dream shower, you have already set yourself above the rest.

£100 per month
€120 per month

Smart Toolbox

Pricing starting from

Smart Toolbox is a powerful job management system that has been built specifically for glass shops to run their businesses. It will allow you to design, quote, order, schedule, invoice and report from a single system. Whether you currently struggle to find your customer's job information when they call, or wait on team members for pricing, scheduling or invoicing, Smart Toolbox can help.

Smart Toolbox understands how glaziers price and quote jobs better than any other software on the market.

£150 per month
€210 per month

Smart Glazier Connect for Processors

Pricing starting from

Smart Glazier Connect really is the order entry plug-in that will solve your order entry errors and bottlenecks!

We convert, standardise and export to all the major industry solutions, so you don't need to change a thing. This approach means you can get started in weeks and eliminate A LOT of needless order entry. Imagine a solution that can let you and your customers' design 3D structures, import from Excel, import from DXF (AutoCAD) and the Smart-Glazier shower app.

Smart Glazier Connect can also act as an internal order entry tool for custom glass panels (replace AutoCAD) and as an online customer order entry portal. Smart Glazier Connect can then convert all of your orders into the outputs you need. Export to A+W, Optima, Jotika, Lisec and DXF.

£100 per month
€120 per month

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