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Sole trader

Las Vegas

This successful sole trader runs his entire business with a truck and a laptop. Quoting and invoicing while out on the road helps him win jobs by getting back to his customers faster than the competition.

He keeps his jobs moving with job statuses and reports to know what he should be focused on. Scheduling his days with the drag and drop schedule tool means he can adjust when things come up like customers postponing visits or suppliers dropping off the wrong pallet.

Jobs often range from $500 through $5000 for highly customized and specialist work. With a niche in frameless showers making up most of the jobs, he knew he needed tools to make this easy.

They design their showers in Smart Shower within Smart Toolbox. This allows him to quickly price up jobs with basic measurements while showing the customer exactly what they are getting. Automatic deductions and calculations speed up a task that used to take an hour to less than 5 minutes.

He also integrates with Quick Books Online and Google Drive. This means his files are available wherever he is and he can keep his accounting costs down while saving hours of double handling data entry.

Annual summary

  • $450,000 invoiced revenue
  • 80 customers
  • 175 projects
  • Quick Books Integration
  • Also uses Google Drive
  • 1 user of Smart Toolbox with Smart Shower module

$5,760.00 / Year

Multi-Branch Glass Installer

San Francisco

This customer has been in business for 30 years and successfully grown their operation from one location to 2 busy stores. Scaling up can often come with risks and keeping an eye on multiple places at once can be overwhelming.

This is where reporting becomes critical. It’s impossible to physically be in both shops at the same time, but they are able to monitor the most important metrics from wherever they happen to be. Armed with a laptop and a mobile phone, this is all they need to stay on top of the most important metrics in their business.

His team use the Smart-Glazier App to record measurements and manage their schedules. Each team member receives their jobs for the day directly on their mobile phone and are also sending the measures back to the office for instant processing. This has saved hours a day and meant their senior staff don’t have to take a stack of paper home in the evenings to process quotes after dinner.

Annual Summary

  • $5,000,000 invoiced revenue
  • 450 customers
  • 1000+ projects
  • Quick Books Online integration and Dropbox file storage
  • 6 users of Smart Toolbox across 2 branches

$12,300.00 / Year

Frameless Shower Specialist

Kansas City

A family business that’s been operating for almost 100 years, there’s an important legacy to protect while continuing to grow and keep the local community showering in style.

Their business is made up of a team of 8 staff, 2 measurers, 2 installers, 1 production manager, 1 production assistant, 1 office manager / accountant and the Director.

With the vast majority of their jobs being bespoke frameless showers they were primarily interested in Smart Shower but quickly realized the power of Smart Toolbox and the benefits of process improvement.

Knowing exactly what stage each job is at gives the director peace of mind and lets his team get on with the job. He uses labor hours reporting and profitability reports to ensure all their available resources are being used and margin analysis tools let him identify the best jobs for the business to take on.

Annual Summary

  • $1,800,000 invoiced revenue
  • 200 customers
  • 415 projects
  • 3 users of Smart Toolbox + Smart Shower Module

$7,000.00 / Year

Medium Size Installer and Fabricator

New Orleans

Having recently decided to bring their fabrication processes in house, this glass company invested significantly into new machinery and equipment. With a lot of change happening at once, they decided to streamline their software processes and look for a single system that was designed specifically for glass.

They use Smart Toolbox to manage the installation side of their business with a focus on quoting, scheduling, ordering, invoicing and reporting.

Smart-Toolbox is able to interface directly with their machinery meaning they don’t have to manually re-enter all their job data. This has cut down on mistakes and drastically reduced the amount of wastage from bad glass.

With the increased capacity and faster turnaround times from having everything in house – they wanted to be able to take glass orders directly on their website. Smart Web was an ideal solution for them. It plugged straight into their existing website and allows their customers to design showers, get estimates and place orders 24/7.

Annual summary

  • $6,000,000+ invoiced revenue
  • 250 customers
  • 1000 projects
  • 4 users of Smart Toolbox
  • Smart-Web online sales platform
  • Quick Books Online integration

$11,200.00 / Year

Franchise Installation Company


A well-known glass business with over 30 locations had been struggling with their old glass software and were very interested in a new solution that would help them retain their large market share.

Operating at a scale like that meant they were often chasing small improvements, with even a tiny percentage gain in efficiency and cost savings resulting in a big difference to the bottom line.

Smart Glazier Software was able to make a dramatic difference in their business. Many of their regular glass drawing processes were able to be completed in half the time. When they’d previously been chasing those small wins, a major improvement like that was a game changer for the business.

They were also able to change their quoting process from a manual one requiring multiple hours per day from senior team members to review and approve each quote before going out. Now that more of their team members are able to quote quickly and accurately they’ve found these senior staff have an extra day per week to help in other areas of the business.

The management team have been impressed with the accuracy of the system and the reporting available has meant they can manage their large team more effectively. They use Smart Toolbox to manage 30+ locations and schedule over 200 staff, all for less than the wage of a single team member.

Annual summary

  • $20,000,000+ invoiced revenue
  • 30+ locations with over 200 team members
  • 8000 customers
  • 10,000+ projects
  • 40 users of Smart Toolbox

$41,500.00 / Year

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