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Ready to stop drawing glass orders by hand? Go digital with our simple, low cost glass ordering platform for glaziers

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Smart-Glass is a glass design program

Glass drawing software

Glass drawing software for the modern glazier

Smart Glass is a simple cloud-based glass drawing platform for glaziers. Create precise, clear drawings for your glass vendors every time. Smart Glass is faster than drawing by hand or CAD and we can prove it.

When vendors get the glass wrong, nobody wins, so take control and stop sending rough sketches and expecting precision cutting.

With Smart Glass you can also get instant, accurate pricing for all your glass, and you will never lose another order sheet again. Everything is saved in the cloud!

Design Any Panel

Design Any Panel

Are you still hand drawing your glass orders?

Custom order glass panels are expensive and can often take 1-3 weeks to fabricate. If you or your fabricator make a mistake in the ordering process then it will either cost you money or cause a headache with the customer.

Every Glazier knows this, yet the majority of glass is ordered through hand-drawn drawings or manually typed emails. The error rates are huge.

Switch to a glass design & drawing tool that was built for glaziers! It is cheap, easy to use and faster than pen and paper, CAD and email.

Cutout library

Build your own library of common cutouts

Smart Glass comes with a selection of common glass cutouts, from shower hinges, to glass door patches to power sockets and pet doors. And you can expand the library to include your own too.

Adding new cutouts is very easy, once saved you will be able to drag and drop them onto anything you need in seconds.

Cutout Library

“I was initially worried about using the program as I’m not what you would call ‘computer savvy’. I soon discovered that there was nothing to worry about. The drag and drop system of creating drawings is so easy, anyone could use it.”

Glasgow Glass, Canada

Panel Library

Panel Library

Save common panel types to order in seconds

The glass panel library in Smart Glass makes it even faster to order your common panel types, or even complex ones. You can build up and save panels complete with edgework, holes and cutouts.

Smart Glass comes with a selection of common layouts for mirror, tabletops, shower doors, IG units, sneeze guards, glass doors and glass railings.

Calculate Costs

Why wait for a price from your vendor?

Smart Glass can calculate your glass panel costs down to the cent! If you are still calculating these manually from price books, excels or via quote requests, then talk to us about how Smart Glass can help.

We live in a digital age, and software is amazing. Stop doing needless double, or even triple entry and start working smarter.

Smart-Glass Costs
Perfect Purchase Orders

Perfect Purchase Orders

Give your glass fabricator a break

Most glaziers are guilty of sending through more than their fair share of hand drawn sketches as purchase orders. Custom glass can often be really complex to cut perfectly.

Give your glass fabricator clean, clear, easy to read glass orders and you will see a reduction in delays and errors!

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