Creating an 'About Us' web page for your glazing business

19 March 2021

Creating an 'About Us' web page for your glazing business

Having an About Us page is an easy way to build trust in your glazing business and establish credibility with your website visitors — provided you do it right. Generally, consumers visit an About Us page on a company website to verify the legitimacy of the business so make sure you give them what they're looking for. We've listed a few features below that will make your About Us page become a useful resource for visitors to your glazing website.


Past and Present

Your About Us page should tell the viewer about your glazing business in the present — values, beliefs, points of difference — but also the journey as to how you got there. An origin story, even if it's only a short one, gives the reader the impression of growth and progression, which in turn adds to your business' legitimacy. One of the fastest ways to make a website visitor question your authenticity is for them to think your business sprung out of nowhere.

Some ideas to include in your history are:

  • Company founding date
  • Premises move if you had to move to a bigger facility (great way to show growth)
  • Introduction of new services
  • Opening of new branches or takeovers
  • Awards or community achievements

Don't feel that you need to write a long, detailed essay about the history of your glazing business. Bullet points or even a graphic timeline are a great way to convey lots of information to the reader in a concise way, and it saves you time writing a long piece of content.


Use your About Us page to build trust

This is particularly crucial if your glazing business focuses primarily on residential work. Consumers may be visiting your website to check you out and decide if they're comfortable to invite you into their home. Your About Us page is the perfect space for you to emphasize your trustworthiness.

A picture is worth a thousand words as they say so make sure you include plenty of them! Photos of your team, your office/s and workshop/s, company vehicles with signage on them, and team members on site are all great ways to associate your glazing business with real people. A friendly face can go a long way in convincing potential customers to choose your business over your competitors.


Lay out the facts

There is a time and place for sales speak on your website, but your About Us page should be rooted in stats and facts. Some concrete facts you should include are:

  • Size of your business
  • Is it family-owned? Who is in charge?
  • How long you have been operating
  • Where you are based
  • Relevant certifications and licenses

You may find it helpful to think of your About Us page as a résumé for your business. It's a good place to list your business' achievements but without the usual embellishments that you might include elsewhere on your website.


Be professional, yet personal

While your About Us page should be rooted in fact and convey professionalism and trustworthiness, it should also have a personal touch and voice to connect with your visitors.

Writing from the first person perspective helps visitors to connect with you, for example using "we" instead of your company name. Keep the tone of the content light and friendly rather than cold and corporate — it can make a big difference in how your visitor perceives your business.

We hope you've found some useful ideas in this article that you can implement on your own About Us page. We'd love to hear your thoughts, say hi @SmartBuilder!

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