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✓ Slash Project Lead Times

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Ditch the Busywork

Smart Toolbox makes it easier and faster to run your glass business

Tracking and reporting that saves you time and money

Improve your internal and external processes

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The clips above are just a small part of the conversation.

If you're interested in the full story of what Smart Toolbox glass software does for their businesses you can watch the whole conversation below.

"We've more than doubled our business!"

Christina from The Shower Door Guy shares how Smart Toolbox has helped her business experience incredible growth in the first 18 months.

Watch this video and find out how the software:

Boosted their bottom line. Learn how Smart Toolbox uncovered hidden profits and improved overall efficiency.

Reduced errors. See how the software minimized mistakes for smoother operations.

Streamline their business. Find out how Smart Toolbox simplified their workflow for better management.

"We can flip quotes in a matter of five minutes."

Before they found Smart Toolbox, Doug from Chateau Window & Shower was struggling with juggling paper, endless emails, and scattered spreadsheets.

This video highlights how the software has streamlined their workflow and helped their business:

Reduce Lead Times by 3 Days. Eliminate the back-and-forth with vendors by creating drawings with exact specifications within Smart Toolbox.

Boost Profitability. Easily track margins and optimize pricing structures for different projects.

Stop Jobs Falling Through the Cracks. Use widgets to identify when jobs are ready to be quoted, ordered, scheduled and invoiced.

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