Smart Glazier Connect - Software for Fabricators

Smart Glazier Connect software for Fabricators

The fastest glass drawing and order entry tool, bar none

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Glass manufacturing software

Smart Glazier Connect

Add the tools missing from your current software

If you are looking for glass manufacturing and processing software you've come to the right place. We've been building glass software for over 20 years and our tools are used throughout the glass industry.

Order entry and drawing tools for you and your customers

Smart Glazier Connect is the ideal add-on to set your business up for success. With powerful drawing tools that you can make available to your customers, it's the easiest way to add a glass-specific order entry system to your business.

Cloud-based for access anywhere

Smart Glazier Connect acts as an online portal where your customers can place and view their orders. Using a dedicated login, your customers will be able to draw, price and place their glass order with you in a matter of minutes. You will receive a production-ready glass order that only needs a simple sanity check before being sent to production.

Why Smart Glazier Connect?

Integrate with the glass fabrication software specialists

Grow your business using Smart-Glass Enterprise Glass Fabrication Software


Powerful, market leading tools that support your growth and can scale as you do.

Research using Smart-Glass Enterprise Glass Fabrication Software

Researching Software

Communicate the power, versatility and return on investment of powerful software solutions.

Get faster using Smart-Glass Enterprise Glass Fabrication Software

New Tools

Powerful tools, proven to be effective across the glass industry. The fastest and easiest way to design glass.

Enable your staff using Smart-Glass Enterprise Glass Fabrication Software

Staff Ability

Increase the efficiency of your team. For a fraction of the price of a new hire your whole team can access the tools now.

Smart Glazier Connect - Drawing tool


Easy-to-use drawing tool

Your customers will be able to draw a glass panel, in seconds, with Smart Glazier Connect.
Smart Glazier Connect drawings are intuitively interactive. To add cutouts, simply drag and drop them from the library onto your glass drawing.

Click on the cutout to select it and display a cutout blow-up, or click on a measurement to alter it directly on the drawing. The drawing will update instantly in response to the changes.


Import from Showers Online®

A complete end-to-end shower design solution is available that connects Showers Online® to Smart Glazier Connect, all the way through to your production software and machinery.

For fabricators receiving Showers Online® orders, this means even faster processing, more accuracy and fewer resources required.

Streamline your data entry and get more glass fabricated.

Smart Glazier Connect - Import from Showers Online
Legacy Glass Fabrication

Over half of our daily orders come through from the online portal now, another quarter are converted directly from Showers Online® and the rest we convert from chicken scratch into fabrication ready DXF’s using the glass designer. It’s awesome.

Legacy Glass Fabrication

Smart Glazier Connect is an online e-commerce portal for glass fabricators

Glass E-commerce

Great for fabricators and your customers

Smart Glazier Connect is an online e-commerce portal where your customers can log in, draw and order glass. The easy-to-use drawing tool has been proven to be faster than CAD or pen and paper.

Your customers will be able to order glass for showers, storefronts, railings, mirrors, IG replacements and table tops in minutes. You will receive clean, clear, easy-to-interpret fabrication drawings, complete with DXF files for your CNC/Waterjet.


Drawings arrive ready for fabrication

Reduce your turnaround time — drawings come from your customers fabrication-ready, eliminating the need for time-consuming redraws.

Smart Glazier Connect is also ideal for internal order entry of hand-drawn faxes or emails from customers who are not yet ordering online. You can even import DXF/DWG glass profiles from customers designing railings with AutoCAD/SolidWorks.

Save time, reduce mistakes and export directly to fabrication.

Smart Glazier Connect - Fabricate
Future-proof your business using Smart Glazier Connect Glass Fabrication Software
Fabrication integration options - Glasstrax, Optima, A+W, Lisec


Fabrication software, CNC & Waterjet in one click

Smart Glazier Connect has purpose-built send books that can be customized to export everything you need to fabricate your glass in one click. We can:

  • Export to A+W, Optima, Opty-way, Edit-way, Glasstrax and Lisec software
  • Create multiple custom-configured DXF files that will load into your cutting table, CNC or Waterjet

Often glass plants will have more than one CNC or waterjet and each machine requires a slightly different DXF format for import. With the send books in Smart Glazier Connect, you can export options for all your machinery and then just load the one you need depending on your requirements.

Get started with Smart Glazier Connect

Download the Smart-Glazier app for free on Apple or Android

Smart-Glazier App

Sick of receiving hand-drawn measurements?
There's a much better way - and it's free

If you’re receiving orders on scraps of paper, missing details and wasting time checking numbers - this will transform the way you do business.

The Smart-Glazier App is free and available on both Apple and Android platforms.

Get your customers using Smart-Glazier to capture their measurement information and start getting accurate and consistent job data.

It's time to get started with Smart Glazier Connect

The easiest way to see what Smart Glazier Connect can do for your business is to talk to our team and arrange a custom demonstration. Our team can show you the features that will help your business the most and answer all your questions.