Glass Design Software

Smart-Glass is the only glass design software you need
It's easy to use and will save you time and money by reducing errors

Why should you use glass design software?

Smart-Glass can mitigate many of the potential errors that arise at the glass and order placement stage, including:

  • Measurements being recorded incorrectly
  • Difficulty interpreting drawings
  • Drawings on paper get lost or damaged
  • Jobs are priced inconsistently

There's no ambiguity with drawings created in a glass design program. They are clear, consistent and easy to read. With Smart-Glass, you'll have a searchable record of all of your designs so you don't need to worry about lost pieces of paper!

Glass design software - Clear, easy to read glass drawings

Save time

Glass design software helps you save time

The process of drawing glass without software can be time-consuming and error-prone. You may be able to read your drawings with perfect clarity but problems may arise when someone else needs to interpret them, whether that be someone in your team or your glass supplier. Smart-Glass produces clear, consistent drawings that your colleagues and suppliers will have no problem interpreting. The drawings you create in the software can be exported as a PDF, DXF or even go straight to your production system if you fabricate on-site.

See Smart-Glass vs CAD for yourself

Smart-Glass has been tested against CAD as well as drawing on pen and paper and is significantly faster than both at drawing glass.

Purpose built for glass

Purpose-built glass design software can calculate costs

Generic CAD programs are not designed to calculate product and processing costs. Smart-Glass can be loaded with your processing costs to automatically calculate both your cost price and your sell price. It makes it much easier to quote your customers consistently and ensure your margin per job is at the right level.

If you are a glass fabricator, you can use Smart-Glass as an order entry tool. This way your customers will be able to draw their glass orders up with ease, see the costs calculated in real time and send their order to you in a production-ready format

Smart-Glass - Glass Design System

Using Smart-Glass for glass design

Smart-Glass is incredibly intuitive, the drawings are interactive so you can simply click on a dimension to edit it.

Get started with your glass design in Smart-Glass by choosing a panel shape from the shape library or selecting 'custom shape' and adding your measurements. Drag cutouts onto the panel using the standard cutouts from the library or custom cutouts you have created yourself. Add edgework with just one click. Once you're happy with your glass design, simply export it as a PDF or DXF file, or clone the panel if you need more than one. It really is that easy to use.

Quality glass design software makes your job easier. Whether you need to design glass for windows, showers, mirrors, balustrades and more, Smart-Glass can help.

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