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Job Diary

A digital diary with notes and attachments that your whole team can see

Job Diary

A dedicated diary for every glazing project you do. Work smarter with the job diary in Smart Toolbox.

Record notes, photos, attachments and action logs for every project you do. With integration to Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, accessing and adding files from the field is easy.

Job Photos

Upload from site or from the office

If you aren't already taking before and after photos of your glazing projects, then you need to start now.

They can help you to avoid unnecessary disagreements with customers, to check the quality of your installers work and they can provide useful references for your customers in the future.

Upload to Smart-Toolbox from site or office
Pin Notes in Smart-Toolbox

Pinned Notes

Don't let the important notes get lost

Pinned notes will remain at the top of the diary feed for the lifetime of your glazing jobs. Make sure your team don't miss any details by keeping the important notes in a place where everyone can see them.


Upload all your paperwork and attachments

The job diary is the perfect place to save job related documents. From glass supplier quotes, site drawings, site plans, receipts, correspondence, sign-offs and of course your before & after photos. Everything can be saved quickly and easily and will remain linked to your job forever.

Upload paperwork & attachments in Smart-Toolbox
Moffat Glass

"The diary has made us more organized. We can see who has been in contact with the customer and what has been sent or ordered. "

Moffat Glass

Smart Toolbox - Job Diary - Integrate with cloud storage


Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive

The diary in Smart Toolbox integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox & OneDrive to give you ultimate control over all of your data.

History Log

Stay organized and stay in control

With more information on your glazing projects than you have ever had before. A detailed log of your jobs status changes will show you who did what and when it was done.

Stay organized and in control with Smart-Toolbox

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