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Smart Toolbox

Glass Calculation & Fabrication Estimating Software

Glass software that understands the way you work

Smart Toolbox

Smart Toolbox is glass calculation software that understands the way you work

Smart Toolbox makes it easy to calculate glass pricing. Pricing is calculated per lineal foot, taking into account any processing required, cutouts, notches, hardware and more. As you record the details of your structure in Smart Toolbox, the software is working in the background to accurately price the order.

With Smart Toolbox, you can calculate:

  • Glass costs. Set different pricing for different glass thicknesses and colors, Smart-Toolbox will calculate pricing per lineal foot.
  • Hardware costs. Load all of your hardware costs into Smart Toolbox and even switch between suppliers in the system to see how the pricing differs.
  • Processing costs. You can set prices for holes, notches, edgework and so on in Smart Toolbox so your glass price accurately reflects the processing required.
  • Labour costs. Set unique labour costs for each employee to easily differentiate pricing between experienced and inexperienced members of staff.

Glazing estimating software brings increased accuracy and efficiency to your glass business. While there are a number of generic pricing tools available on the market, including some specifically designed for the construction industry, glass pricing is usually unique and not handled well in generic software.

Smart Glazier Connect

Production Estimating Software

If you're a glass processor, you may be interested in offering glass calculation and production estimating software to your customers — this is where Smart Glazier Connect comes in.

We developed Smart Glazier Connect for glass processors as a drawing and order entry tool for the glass production industry. You can give your customers access to an online order portal where they can draw their glass order, generate a quote automatically based off the pricing you've entered, then submit the order directly to you for production. You set the rules and parameters so you'll never receive impossible-to-produce orders — estimates will be accurate, clear and arrive with you in a production-ready file.

Smart-Glass Enterprise, now called Smart Glazier Connect - Glass Production Estimating Software

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