Smart-Builder is at Glasstec 2022

Are you ready to move your glass business into the digital age?

Smart-Glass and Smart-Shower

We're heading to Glasstec and will be showing 2 brand new products - which run directly in your browser!

Smart-Shower is our online ordering solution for Hardware Suppliers. It lets your customers design, quote and order their showers from anywhere.

Build customer loyalty by giving them a tool that will save them time and help them sell more, while using only your hardware, clearances and cutouts.

The Smart-Glass Ordering Portal lets your customers design, quote and
order flat glass from anywhere. Build customer loyalty by giving them a tool that will save them time and help them sell more, all while using only your glass products and processing rules.

Set your company apart from your competition by offering your customers
a tool to make their lives easier and build loyalty to your business.
Sell more glass and save time doing it with Smart-Glass.

Smart-Builder glass software
Smart-Glass runs on your phone


Your customers can login to your glass ordering portal from anywhere, at any time.

Our mobile-friendly, responsive-design works on a phone or tablet, on-site, or on a desktop in the office.

Paper gets lost and damaged frequently. Bad handwriting can be misinterpreted or require checking.

We know how much time Glaziers and Glass Processors waste managing this process - Smart-Glass solves this problem for good.

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you and make it easier for you to cut & deliver glass to them.

Export to PDF, DXF or straight to production

Integrate with your production software, your cutting tables, or go straight to your CNC/Waterjet with machine-ready CAD files.


Our system is built with the Glazier in mind, it is easy to use and they can login from their phone, tablet or laptop.

It includes responsive design, so it resizes to fit key information on the screen.

Make it easy for your customers to start designing and selling more showers with YOUR hardware today!

Perfect for your customers

Smart-Shower is easy to distribute to your customers. Each customer can have their own login and pricing loaded. This makes it a very low-risk and scalable solution for your business.

Smart-Shower includes warnings and reminders to ensure your hardware is used correctly. Your customers will be able to design more showers in less time and will make fewer mistakes.

Use Smart-Shower on the move

It's time to get started with Smart Glazier Software

The easiest way to see what we can do for your glass business is to talk to our team and arrange a custom demonstration.
Our team can show you the features that will help your business the most and answer all your questions.

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