Glass specific integrated accounting software

Smart Toolbox

Invoicing & Accounting

Invoice faster, get paid quicker, and streamline accounting by integrating systems for easier year-end processing.

Glass specific integrated accounting software

Glass specific & integrated with your accounting software

Once the job is done, it is easy to create invoices from the work order. You can fully invoice a job with the click of a button, or break it down and invoice in stages.

  • Integrate with your accounting software
  • Flexible system for your business and your customer's needs
  • Keep cashflow high and make month-end less painful
  • Reduce double-entry
  • Choose how much detail your invoices show
Smart Toolbox - Invoicing and accounting - integrate


Integrate with QuickBooks Online & Xero

Integration with your accounting software saves even more time.

  • Sync customers automatically between programs
  • View the invoice number, amount and tax in your accounting system
  • Reconcile deposits and payments from your accounting system to Smart Toolbox, with the click of a button


Customise for your users and your customers

Due to varying levels of responsibility, some staff members require more access in Smart Toolbox than others. Smart Toolbox lets you restrict which users have the ability to control account types and payment terms or to create, edit or delete invoices. This helps to prevent information from getting accessed by the wrong people, from going missing or being subject to fraud.

Smart Toolbox - Invoicing and Accounting - Security Overview
Smart Toolbox - Invoicing and accounting - Reduce double entry

Reduce Double Entry

Reduce double entry

One of the many strengths of Smart Toolbox is the ability to pull the right information through from each stage of the job. You enter your items at the quote stage and this is pulled into the work order and then pulled into the invoice.

This makes invoicing much easier because you've already done most of the work in the earlier stages. Creating invoices doesn't require going back and analysing the job to figure things out.

Smart Toolbox allows you to manage the work so that by the time you come to invoice, all you're doing is invoicing the items you've previously laid out.


Use statuses to easily manage your invoices

Smart Toolbox uses statuses throughout the job and invoices are no different. It's easy to keep track of invoices that still need to be sent to the customer, and even more importantly those customers that have overdue invoices.

Widgets on the Smart Toolbox dashboard keep this important information visible to those that need to see it. You'll know who to chase and how much is outstanding. You can create more widgets to report on each of the different statuses linked to invoices.

Smart Toolbox - Invoicing and accounting - Use statuses to manage your invoice

Show / Hide

Show or hide information

You can choose what is shown on your invoice so it's easy to display just the information you want to your customer.

  • Choose to include images or not
  • Show a combined total and hide item details on the invoice
  • Or show the full breakdown
  • You can go all the way to the level of glass, hardware and processes
Show or hide information with Smart-Toolbox

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