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Take your quotes to the next level. Accurate quotes that impress your customers will help you win more jobs.

Create fast, beautiful quotes with Smart-Toolbox

Fast, beautiful quotes to help you win more jobs

Smart Toolbox can quote for any glass or glazing job that you need, including showers, shopfronts, railings, mirrors and window replacements. Any team member can produce accurate and impressive quotes.

Time-saving features:

  • Built-in glass designer that auto-calculates prices as you draw
  • Set up standard jobs and templates
  • Quote revisions and options
  • Add colour pictures to your quotes
  • Email quotes directly to customers
  • Quote from anywhere
3D interactive quotes for your customers let you win more jobs in less time

Interactive Quotes

Send interactive 3D quotes to your customers to win more jobs

Smart Toolbox lets you send fully interactive 3D glass quotes to your customers. They can view and even accept these on their phone or computer.

This gives your customers the chance to see their glass order and quickly confirm it looks right. The impressive and accurate quotes are generated automatically as you quote the job so you can get these to the customer faster, winning more jobs in less time.

Quotes that win the job and get paid

Your customers have seen the online quote, played with the interactive design, and know it's what they want! Keep the momentum up by taking a deposit or even a full payment straight away.

With a simple integration to Stripe® you can have customers complete an online payment direct from the quote.

  • Customers can accept your quotes online 24/7
  • Options for accept and pay later or accept and pay now
  • Save time spent on the phone dealing with manual payments

Try it for yourself!

Click this link to open an example interactive, online-quote.

  • Click and hold your mouse or tap and hold to rotate and view the shower from any angle
  • Right click on desktop or use 2 fingers on mobile to drag the shower to a different position
  • Use your scroll wheel or pinch on mobile to zoom in and out
  • Double click or tap on the doors to see them open and close

You could be sending quotes like this to your customers right now.

Quote Revisions

Give you customers a choice with quote revisions

Quote revisions are an incredibly useful tool.
How often do your customers ask for a few small changes or want a look at a more expensive configuration option? And then how often do they want to go back to the original?

Smart Toolbox understands glass so it makes it easy to keep track of every quote variation. You can see exactly what was sent to the customer and what was changed so when your customer changes their mind you can instantly return to any of your previous versions.

  • Make exact copies of your quotes that are linked to the original
  • Customise these as needed
  • As the scope changes - add more revisions
  • Unlimited number of revisions
  • All revisions are linked so you can easily move back and forth between options - all the way back to the original plan
Smart Toolbox - Quoting - Quote revisions
Smart Toolbox - Quoting - 3D Color Quotes

3D Color Quotes

Impress your customers

When you’re going up against another glass shop you want to stand out from the competition. Having a sharp and accurate price is a good place to start and getting it back to the customer quickly is critical - but what else can you do?

  • Add 3D images to your quote so your customer can see what they’re getting
  • Colourful, attractive and easy to understand quotes
  • Easily insert extra sales information to your quotes showing your hardware range or additional options such as different glass types and coatings

Design & Price

Design & price your glass in one step with a designer that prices the way you do

Getting your quotes right the first time can make a huge difference between a job being profitable or leading to a loss. Smart Toolbox auto-calculates your prices as you draw your glass.

  • Understands glass design and complex pricing
  • Automatically apply polishing and edge work
Smart-Toolbox - Quoting - Powerful designer
Moffat Glass

“Some of the biggest improvements we’ve had since using Smart Toolbox are the quality of our quotes. They are accurate, they’re more professional and they get out to the customer much quicker ”

Eric Stern - Moffat Glass

Quote from anywhere


Quote from anywhere

Smart Toolbox is online, so anyone in your team can login from any computer anytime, anywhere. You can quote, schedule, order and even invoice on site, from the truck, from home, or even from the beach!

Work smarter and go digital with Smart Toolbox!

Quote Statuses

Always know the status of your jobs

Statuses are an important part of how Smart Toolbox works and allow you to always know what stage a job is at. These statuses update automatically at the right times as you move through the process.

  • First contact with customers
  • Organising job details with the customer & booking site visits
  • Know exactly which quotes you've sent to the customer
  • Add revisions as the customer confirms what they want
  • Liaise with the customer, eventually marking your quote as won

When the customer has confirmed they're happy you can convert to a work order, moving into the next stage of production.

Smart-Toolbox - Quote Statuses
Smart-Toolbox - Quote reporting

Quote Reporting

Report on real jobs

One of the benefits of Smart Toolbox being a complete system is that your reporting is tied into all areas, including quoting.

With the revision system and customers changing their minds regularly, you can end up with many variations. You want to count the job you won - not all the revisions leading up to that point.

Smart Toolbox understands this and marks previous revisions with a different status so that you're only reporting on the real jobs.

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