Why Fabricators need a Glass E-commerce Platform

26 January 2024

Efficiency is key to success and the glass industry is no different.

The glass industry is continuously improving traditional processes and, as the sector evolves, the shift to digital ordering being the dominant ordering method is inevitable. For glass fabricators, going digital isn't just a tech trend—it's a game-changer and could be for your business as well.

Let's dive into why introducing digital ordering is a smart move for your business by considering the perks and the challenges, and discussing how Smart Glazier Connect can help.

Glazier designing glass on an online ordering portal

Why Go Digital?

Incorporating an online glass E-commerce platform into your business comes with a lot of benefits, including:

1. Streamlined Operations:

As glass orders are processed digitally there is less need for manual data entry by fabricators, resulting in fewer errors, and quicker turnaround times. Pricing can be calculated automatically in the background, ensuring your customer has an accurate price for glass fabrication at their fingertips. Digital ordering will streamline your workflow and remove pressure from your team.

2. Increased Professionalism:

Being able to provide glaziers and glass shops with a personalized portal they can use to design, price, and order custom glass enhances the professionalism of your business. Win customer loyalty by adding significant value to your offering and make it easier than ever for your customers to do business with you.

3. Time and Cost Savings:

Removing the extra step of manual glass drawing and quotes eliminates potential misinterpretations and is proven to reduce error rates. Your team members will have time to focus on building relationships and solving problems rather than re-drawing orders or playing catch-up on quotes. Through digital ordering, fabricators experience significant savings in both time and costs.

4. Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere:

Introducing a glass e-commerce platform means breaking free from the constraints of physical locations. No more waiting for them – or you - to be in the office to place or finalize glass orders. With mobile responsiveness, your customers can easily order glass from you from anywhere, at any time, 24/7.

5. Integration with Other Software:

A robust digital glass ordering system can provide you with options to integrate with industry-leading software, enabling you to send orders to your factory floor with the click of a button.

Things you should consider…

While the benefits of introducing glass E-commerce software are evident and far outweigh any drawbacks, acknowledging potential issues is crucial for a well-rounded perspective.

1. Learning Curve:

Transitioning to digital ordering might pose a challenge for some team members and customers, but it is one worth overcoming. It is important to allow time for training and to ensure your team members and customers are comfortable within the ordering portal. To help with this ensure that your software comes with ongoing support to allow for a smooth transition.

2. Initial Setup Investment:

There might be an initial investment in setting up your new digital infrastructure. However, the long-term gains in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and growth often far outweigh the upfront costs and time spent during the setup phase.

Why Smart Glazier Connect is the ideal choice.

When it comes to digital ordering, Smart Glazier Connect emerges as a solution designed with the fabricator in mind.

It is the only tool on the market that can truly handle the complexities of architectural flat glass orders. Offering a user-friendly interface, seamless integration capabilities, and a track record of proven success, Smart Glazier Connect is the online glass E-commerce software you’ve been waiting for.

Click the button below to head to our Smart Glazier Connect product page for for more information.

Be a leader for digital change.

In a nutshell, going digital isn't a buzzword; it's a practical step forward. Smart Glazier Connect is your ticket to this digital world—efficient, growth-friendly, and customer-approved.

Embrace the practical side of digital, be a leader for digital change and let your business reap the benefits.

Click below to book a demo with our sales team so you can see firsthand how this can work for your glass fabrication business.

How Smart Glazier Connect is displayed on different devices

Kickstart your success with Smart Glazier Connect

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