Connect allows glaziers to order custom glass online

Connect for Glaziers

Your Online Glass Ordering Portal

Smart Glazier Connect is the first-of-its-kind online ordering platform designed specifically for the glass industry.

Place orders for custom-sized annealed, laminated, and tempered glass including: IG Units, Showers, Railing Glass, Glass Entrances, Mirrors, Tabletops and more... all conveniently accessible within a single, easy-to-use interface.

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Draw, quote and order custom glass and showers from your supplier anytime, anywhere.

Why use Connect?

Smart-Glazier app

Reduce Errors

Reduce errors in glass drawings and cost calculations by eliminating guesswork. Streamline the process, remove the reliance on the fabricator interpreting your drawings correctly, and maintain positive client experiences and profit margins.

Beautiful quotes

Save Time

Creating glass panels in Connect is faster than paper or CAD. Pre-loaded supplier prices allow you to quickly see what your costs are and calculate margins accordingly. Sending orders directly to fabrication eliminates the need to double-check, re-enter and double handle saving time at both ends.

Easily clone jobs

Faster Lead Times

Enhance client relationships through quicker quote turnaround and faster lead times. Sending digital orders, via Connect, direct to your supplier ensures orders are produced promptly, reinforcing your commitment to efficiency.

Schedule your whole team

Boost Efficiency with No Added Cost

Gain visibility across the entire team, so you can quote and place orders, even when team members are unavailable. Best of all, the costs for Connect are covered by the fabricator meaning that all these benefits come at no additional cost to you.


Easy & Intuitive

Enjoy using the powerful drawing tool for simple, complex, and custom panels, as well as an integrated Shower Designer, with preconfigured adjustable templates. Incorporate cut-outs and outages with a user-friendly drag-and-drop feature.

Advanced Reporting


Connect's Web-based functionality allows you to effortlessly operate whether you are on-site, in the office, or at home. Generate quotes and order glass from any location. Adapt, modify, and make real-time adjustments while in the field.

Did we mention Connect is free?

The cost for Connect is covered by your fabricator, meaning that there is no additional cost for glaziers to use this tool.
Array of screens demonstrating the flexibility of Smart Glazier Connect

Using Connect is as easy as 1-2-3...

Just follow these simple steps and you can design, quote and order your glass online.

1. Design

Simply select your glass type, enter dimensions, configure edgework, cutouts and outages and you're ready to go.
Select your glass type etc

2. Quote

Watch your costs calculate in real-time as you draw. Then easily add a mark-up, view your quote and send it to your customer.

3. Order

Review your glass drawings to check. What you see is what you get. Effortlessly export your order through to the production team, ready for fabrication.

Contact your fabricator for a login

The easiest way to get on Connect is to contact your fabricator and ask for a login.

If they aren't using Connect yet, let us know and we will reach out to them to arrange a custom demonstration. Our team will show you the features and benefits that will help you both grow your businesses. It's a win-win!

With Connect you can...

Design & quote complicated glass panels in minutes with Connect

Create easy-to-interpret glass designs

The glass designer in Connect is easy to use and incredibly intuitive.

With drag-and-drop cutouts, one-click edgeworks and a custom shape designer it can handle anything you need to throw at it.

Provide your clients with an accurate representation of what you are quoting. Send fabricators orders for annealed, laminate, tempered & insulated glass online, ready for the cutting table.

Use the best shower designer on the market

Connect includes the power of the industry's leading shower design software, complete with CRL and US Horizon's hardware. The shower configurator is designed to handle the most complicated frameless showers, including sliders, knee walls and even triple-notched panels.

Enter your site measurements and automatically convert them into beautiful quotes and details glass orders, while your costs are calculated in the background.

Connect utilizes the world's best shower design software
Produce interactive 3D quotes using Connect

Produce interactive 3D quotes

Your fabricator will pre-load their costs into Connect, so when you draw your custom glass or shower the pricing will automatically be calculated in the background.

The software understands shapes, surcharges and how to price notches, holes and edgework, so you don't have to!

Once you add your margin (pre-calculated or customized), you will produce a beautiful, interactive, 3D quote that your clients can view and accept online.

Send your orders anytime, from anywhere

Connect is mobile-responsive, meaning that you can access your portal whether you are on site, in the office, or at home.

You can send orders to your fabricator directly from the portal, and they will receive it both via email and into their master site.

With the ability to handle pricing and orders 24/7, Connect will allow you and your team to focus on getting more leads and installations completed.

Produce easy-to-interpret glass drawings for your fabricator

More information about Connect...

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Connect cost?

The expenses for Connect are covered by the fabricator, ensuring there is no cost for you as a glazier.

How long will it take to draw up a glass panel?

Most glass panels can be drawn up in less than a minute, much faster than CAD or paper!

How accurate are Smart Glazier Software drawings?

Incredibly accurate. Glass panels are sized to 1/16th of an inch, while some cutouts support 1/32nd of an inch.

We have complicated cutouts. Can your software handle them?

Unusual cutouts can be configured as template diagrams which will print with the glass drawings to help with the fabrication process. Smart Glazier Software supports a wide range of cutouts natively and we aim to keep up to date with current cutout styles.

Does Smart Glazier Software have templates?

Yes, the software comes with a range of pre-set templates for quick and easy entry and these can be customized as much or as little as you wish. However, these are just an aid and it is possible to enter custom configurations from scratch or design your own templates.

We have a spreadsheet for working out quote prices. What is the advantage of Smart Glazier Software?

The costing function in Smart Glazier Software is based on the exact hardware, glass area, and processing costs so you will never quote too high or too low again. You will know what your supplier is going to charge before you place your order. Of course, the professional quotes with color 3D drawings are a great marketing device as well!

Is it possible to access the system from multiple locations?

Yes. Our software is hosted on the cloud which means you can access the system from anywhere you have an internet connection - at work, at home, or on the go. We use high-performance servers meaning you get fast, reliable results.

Interested in using Connect with your fabricator?

The easiest way to get on Connect is to contact your fabricator and ask for a login.

If they aren't using Connect yet, let us know and we will reach out to them to arrange a custom demonstration. Our team will show you the features and benefits that will help you both grow your businesses. It's a win-win!