Calling all glaziers: make great videos with Animoto

12 April 2017

Calling all glaziers: make great videos with Animoto

Videos are a powerful way to communicate big ideas in a short space of time — a handy capability no matter what industry you're in. However, commissioning a custom video from a production company can be pricey so it's worth exploring tools like Animoto as a do-it-yourself alternative. Become a video producer in no time!

You may have noticed more videos popping up on your Facebook news feed, especially from company pages. Ever since Facebook started playing videos automatically, they've become the marketing media of choice, grabbing attention far more effectively than static images.

Here at Smart-Builder, we recently created a video to explain how our glass design software, Smart-Glass, can be used by glass fabricators. It would have taken a lot of words to communicate what we managed to show in this 1.5-minute video! Check it out below:

How could you utilize video for your glazing business?

Here are three ways you could be using video:

  • Highlight a recent job you've done using a combination of before and after photos, video clips filmed on a smart phone, and text to point out highlights and features (a great addition your glazing portfolio)
  • Help future customers get to know you with a short introductory video about your business, consider using photos and short video clips to show your team and office
  • Provide added value to customers and prospects with how-to videos and tips around glass care (cleaning and polishing, signs of damage to look out for)

Create great videos, no experience needed

Professional video production can be costly and difficult to update over time, however you can create excellent videos on your own with Animoto.

Animoto does the hard work for you: pick a template, upload photos (and video clips if you have them), and add text if you'd like — Animoto will pull it all together into a slick and cohesive video. Finish up by choosing music that best fits your brand, then show off your new video on your website and social media pages. It's that easy!

We put together the sample video below about our website optimization guide in just 15 minutes (we're sure you could create something far more creative):

We're only using a free trial which is why it's so small and it has the Animoto branding on it, if you were using one of their paid plans you would be able to export high resolution videos.

There are plenty of great reasons to be creating videos for your glazing website and no excuses with an application this easy to use!

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