'Top of funnel' sales ideas for your glazing business

10 June 2019

'Top of funnel' sales ideas for your glazing business

Your sales funnel is the process of attracting new leads, educating them about your services and converting them into a customer. The top of the funnel is all about awareness — the goal is to educate your potential customers about a problem they didn't necessarily know they had, while demonstrating the solution that your glazing business specifically supplies or supplies better than your competitors. We've put together a few top of funnel sales ideas that you might like to consider for your glazing business below.

E-books / Guides / Downloadables

Offering your prospective client some information that they can request by using their email address is a great way to get them into your system and build a bit of a profile around them. Make sure it's clear to the user that they're giving consent to receive follow up emails though!

Take the time to put together a few different downloadable resources for visitors to your site, for example:

  • Glass Trends for Small Bathrooms
  • 5 Windows and Glazing Considerations When Remodeling Your Home

You'll want to set up a form so the user has to give you at least their email address to access the resource, that way you can follow up with further marketing and communications and tailor them to their interests based on the kind of resource they downloaded.

It's easy to put together slick, professional PDFs and presentations using Canva.

Start a blog

Blogging is a great way to improve your search results and attract new visitors to your site. Starting a blog does require a bit of planning — spend some time figuring out how frequently you're going to post, who you're trying to target with your content, who will be writing the content, editing it and so on. A useful starting point for content is sitting down with your team and finding out what your frequently asked questions from your clients/prospects are.

A blog is also a great way to show how your product solves a problem the reader didn't even know they had (therefore why they should engage your services!) For example, a blog post selling the benefits of a glass backsplash (if that's one of your services) over a tile one, or a blog post breaking down the process of installing IGUs in older homes may bring new eyes to your website.

Invest in a promotional video

A professionally-made video is a worthwhile investment — you can use it on your website, social media, paid ads on YouTube and more. It may even be less costly than you think as there are so many videographers available these days! Make sure you do your due diligence and check out their previous work to ensure you're happy with the quality.

The biggest mistake you can make in a video is to telling too many stories at once. Keep the video length close to 30 seconds and focus on the one message you'd like the viewer to take away after watching it.

If a professionally made video is definitely out of the budget, check out our blog post on making great videos yourself with Animoto.

Create landing pages

Landing pages are single, stand-alone pages of your website designed to serve a specific purpose or rank for a particular term. You may find a landing page particularly useful if you are willing to work outside your immediate area as you could have a landing page dedicated to the services you provide in a neighboring town, that way you'll appear on search results for enquiries in that area. You will need a separate landing page for each area you want to target.

Here are some resources on how to create great landing pages:

Go forth and sell

We hope you've found some of these ideas useful for your glazing business. Resist the urge to be too sales-y with your top of funnel content, the goal is to get these prospects into your sales funnel so you can start the hard sell later. You'll also want to cast your net pretty wide for your top of funnel content so feel free to create as much as you like, just make sure you're prioritizing quality over quantity.

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