What are your tech resolutions?

28 December 2016

What are your tech resolutions?

Word on the street (well, in Forbes magazine) is that this will be a year with "more connection, more automation, and more significant impact in business and investment than ever before, and the revolution has just begun."

Is your business keeping pace with the tech revolution? It is difficult to come up with reasons not to be. Technology is becoming more accessible, and it has raised the bar for what your customers expect. Real time online pricing, instant payment facilities, traceable deliveries, and the expectation of round-the-clock information have all become the norm for consumers. The glass industry is no exception, if your competitor is offering a more streamlined and transparent service, they will certainly be more attractive to potential customers.

That being said, not all technology is created equal and glass can be a complex industry so make sure you shop around for a solution that works best for your business' requirements. More importantly, make sure you shop around for technology that meets your customers' requirements — for example, you may be used to asking your customers to pay invoices by bank transfer or in cash, but have you considered the customer experience? Online payment gateways (like PayPal) are commonplace nowadays and usually integrate easily into an existing website, speeding up the payment process for both parties. And how is that website is displaying on mobile devices? Mobilization is one of the fast-growing facets of the tech revolution — if prospective customers are searching for you, there's a good chance they're doing it on their phone.

On the glass front, when it comes to electronic orders for glass, Smart-Builder developed Smart-Glass, a cloud-based glass designer that can quickly draw, price and order virtually any piece of glass. Smart-Glass understands the ins and outs (or the notches and bevels, if you will) of working with glass and reacts accordingly.

If you haven't made any tech resolutions for this year, why not resolve to try something new? In an industry that's constantly innovating, there will always be a new product on the market that will streamline your life, business, or both at the same time.

New year, new tech - don't fall behind your competitors in the race to modernize.

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