Why should I use glass design software to draw up glass orders?

28 November 2018

Why should I use glass design software to draw up glass orders?

Or perhaps our title should have been ‘Why shouldn’t I be using software to draw up glass orders’ because the list of pros is so long and comprehensive and the list of cons is practically non-existent! Using software to draw up glass orders will reduce errors, save time and streamline ordering, keep you organized and calculate costs for you. Read on to find out how...

Reduce glass order errors

Mistakes cost money and can bring the workday to a halt while they get fixed, particularly if you're already on site and discover your glass is the wrong size or your notch is a few inches off.There are a multitude of ways for something to go wrong if you’re relying on pen and paper to draw and order glass, including:

  • Writing down incorrect measurement/s
  • Other people struggling to interpret your drawing
  • Losing said piece of paper
  • All of the above

Any glass design software worth its salt has safeguards to ensure your measurements make sense, can be clearly read and understood by anyone who looks at them, and are safely stored and backed up so you never lose anything again.

Know what your glass costs

Pen and paper have their strengths but automatically calculating glass costings isn’t one of them. Dedicated glass design programs (we’re talking specifically about glass software, not CAD programs) will let you preload supplier costs so you can price up a job as you draw, then send the completed quote over to the customer straight away. No time wasted going back and forth with the supplier or checking price lists to work out what’s what. You’ll also have total oversight of your margin — nothing is worse than underquoting a job!

Save time and streamline glass ordering

You may think you’re saving time by scribbling an order down on a notepad but the knock-on effect slows the process right down. It takes time for someone else to interpret that drawing (either internally or your supplier), extra checks are needed to make sure it’s been interpreted correctly, and the information on that piece of paper needs to be turned into a quote for the customer, a purchase order for the supplier, and a job order for your own team.
Depending on the software you choose and the machinery you have, you may be able to integrate the two and send your orders straight to production. Imagine how much easier life would be!

Share and standardize the expertise

Maybe you’ve been in this business awhile and you’re proficient at drawing up accurate and consistent glass orders every time. Can everyone in your business say the same? Establishing an agreed upon, uniform method of drawing up, storing, and submitting glass orders for your whole business will improve efficiencies and reduce errors.

Stay organized

Nothing is ever really deleted from the internet but that isn’t always a bad thing. If you’re using a cloud-based system, you'll always have a record of all the jobs you do which makes it easy to go back and reference them at any point.
Quote for a job six months ago and the customer only now wants to proceed? Your quote will still be sitting in the system, ready to go.
Customer breaks a backsplash you installed two years ago? Easily order a replacement panel using the file from the original order.
Don’t waste time on unprofitable tasks if you don’t have to!

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