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All-in-one Glass Company Software

Smart Toolbox is a comprehensive glass company software designed to streamline every stage of your workflow.

Eliminate the need for multiple disconnected tools. Manage everything from a single, centralized platform, saving you time and minimizing errors.

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Software Designed for Glass Companies

If you're a glass company that is serious about growing your business, you need serious glass software to match.

Smart Toolbox is glass company software designed to work the way your business does.

There are plenty of great point-of-sale systems out there but they often don't cater to the unique way glass companies operate.

Smart Toolbox is designed for the glazing industry and is the premier software to help you handle your glass company operations.

Pricing that works the way you do

Generic point-of-sale software doesn't know how to calculate the cost of a piece of glass. Smart Toolbox understands that edgework is priced per inch, holes and cutouts are priced per unit and that the cost of each will increase based on the thickness of the glass. It can tell you the weight of the glass in your job so you know if you need two guys on site to lift it, which in turn will affect your labor charges.

What does this mean for you?

  • Quoting takes mere minutes, not hours, and can be done by anyone in the business
  • Jobs are priced consistently across the business making cashflow easier to manage
  • Margin analysis reports show exactly where your glass shop is making or losing money
Glass Company Software that designs and sends quotes

Eliminate Chaos & Embrace Organization

Ditch the pen and paper! Many glass companies rely on unreliable paper-based systems or scattered spreadsheets, leading to lost information and inefficiencies.

Using specific glass company software like Smart Toolbox gives you a central hub for all of your job data and management.

  • Store detailed customer information, including pricing profiles, job details, pricing, and relevant documentation.
  • Manage site visits and scheduling, ensuring everyone on your team is on the same page.
  • Identify overdue invoices and glass orders, with clear reporting tools, enabling efficient follow-up with customers and suppliers.

Smart Toolbox is mobile responsive and can be used by your staff in the office and and in the field. Improve team collaboration, enhance project visibility, and gain peace of mind with a centralized and organized system.

Gain Actionable Insights for Growth

Many glass company owners struggle to get a clear picture of their business health.

Are you unsure of your profit margins on specific projects? Do you need better data to identify your top-performing people, products, and services?

Smart Toolbox helps you enhance the understanding of your glass company with robust reporting features, offering deep visibility into your business performance, including the ability to:

  • Analyze job-level margins
  • Track quote revisions
  • Monitor quote conversion rates
  • Understand installer hours and sales by customer

Leverage these insights, and more, to optimize your pricing strategy, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately maximize your bottom line.

Reporting features of Smart Glazier Company Software

Are you ready to transform your glass company operations and achieve new levels of efficiency?

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