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Smart Toolbox


Get insight into every area of your glass business with a range of pre-built reports and the ability to customise and create your own.

Reporting Screen

Understand and manage your business

Smart Toolbox gives you pre-built reports as well as the ability to create your own, letting you easily review the most important information to grow your business.

You'll be able to quickly see data on areas of your business you've never been able to track previously.

Customise Reports

Customise your reports or use pre-built reports

Reports are linked to all of your Smart Toolbox data so you can create reports that are linked across multiple documents using a wide range of metrics.

A deep level of customisation is available to those who want it but there are also pre-built reports that have proven to be useful across hundreds of different glass businesses.

  • Drag and drop data columns to build your own reports
  • See all the available options to customise existing reports
  • Create your own reports from scratch
  • Review based on staff, branches and divisions
  • Break down reports in weekly, monthly views and date ranges
  • Talk to our team for more ideas and examples

Smart Toolbox - Reporting - Customize reports
Smart Toolbox - Reporting - Margins


Margin analysis

Knowing exactly how much you are making (or losing) on each job lets you prioritise the most critical orders.

Smart Toolbox has built-in margin analysis so you can see all the components of a job and profit margins on each.


Which products are making you money

When you know which products have the most impact on your business you can focus your efforts on the type of jobs that make you the most money.

When it gets really busy you want to know which jobs make sense to turn away and which ones you should be chasing.

If you're moving into new product offerings you can quickly tell if they are helping or hurting the bottom line.

Smart Toolbox - Reporting - Which products are making you money
Smart Toolbox - Reporting - Salespeople


Identify the best salespeople on your team

Smart Toolbox reporting gives you insight into the most effective team members. This allows you to identify who you should be giving that important customer to and who needs some extra attention.

Use this information to get your most effective team members to share their knowledge and help train your newer staff, bringing everyone up to the highest standards.


Keep your best customers happy

Loyal customers and repeat business becomes easier when you know which customers are the most valuable.

Reward your best customers and prioritise quotes and turnaround times to keep them coming back. You can also spot the customers that are always late to pay and sending you mistake-filled orders, leading to bad glass.

Smart Toolbox - Reporting - Keep your best customers
Smart Toolbox - Reporting - Sales and leads

Sales & Leads

Sales performance and lead generation reports

Understand where your sales are coming from with filterable reports. You can review lost quotes to see if there are common metrics that are causing you to lose them. See the impact of changes to your margins and whether they are improving your bottom line.

  • Filter by quotes
  • Quote margins
  • Quote status

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