Smart-Toolbox keeps you one step ahead with automatic job statuses that track your projects progress

Smart Toolbox

Job Statuses

Stay one step ahead with automatic job statuses that track your projects progress

Track your jobs with Smart-Toolbox

Automatic Job Status updates

Keep track of your job progress, with dashboards for each department

With job statuses that update automatically and a dashboard that ensures everyone can see what is going on, managing your jobs, your suppliers and even your customers is simple in Smart Toolbox.

  • The Sales team can see quotes that are due for sending or follow up
  • Project managers and office administrators can see work orders that need a deposit paid
  • They can see when a site measure is completed and work that is ready for installation or invoicing
  • It's easy to review purchase orders that are overdue or awaiting delivery
  • Accounts staff can see invoices that are ready to be sent or overdue for payment

Stop hunting through piles of paper to manage your jobs. Talk to us about how Smart Toolbox can help.

Check job statuses with Smart-Toolbox


See your job progress at a glance

Every document screen in Smart Toolbox shows your project's main & sub-statuses. The main statuses allow your whole team to instantly see what stage a project is at. The sub-statuses act as reminders to let you know what the next step might be. For example:

  • Draft Quotes - To be sent
  • Draft Work Order - Awaiting deposit
  • Sent Purchase Order - Awaiting delivery
  • Sent Invoice - Export required


Plan ahead before it's too late

Have you ever told a customer you'd get it done next week, only to find that you're already booked solid? Have you ever gone to load up the truck for a scheduled installation, only to realise that the glass hasn't arrived?

The work order & purchase order statuses in Smart Toolbox make it easy to see what you have in the pipeline, or when your supplier is late with a delivery. Give yourself time to react, re-organise and avoid unnecessary headaches and angry customers.

Smart-Toolbox helps forecast your job glass jobs
Smart-Toolbox makes it easy to see when people are falling behind


Help your team when they need it

The dashboard in Smart Toolbox makes it easy to see when people are falling behind.

Not everyone knows when to ask for help, so give yourself the tools to see which staff are getting things done, and which ones are struggling. Good software can be the difference between a company that controls their workflow and a company that is controlled by their workflow.

Great Ocean Glass & Glazing

"The job statuses have definitely saved me from forgetting to order something on more than one occasion now. It is so easy to see what still needs to be done, I love them."

Great Ocean Glass & Glazing

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