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Easy to use scheduling tools help you make full use of your resources

Use Smart-Toolbox for scheduling


Assign your staff to jobs and schedule their time with ease

The scheduling screen allows anyone in your team to see what is going on and to easily communicate changes with installers and customers.

  • Drag and drop system is quick and easy to use
  • Use the schedule to manage staff, vehicles or workshop stations
  • See routes and travel times for scheduled visits on the map
  • Set estimated visit times to help manage your team efficiently
  • Assign multiple staff to a job, including a lead and back-up installer
  • Easily email customers to confirm and change appointments
  • See when materials for installation have been received

Drag and drop

Drag and drop makes job and team management simple

You will be able to make full use of the resources you have with an intuitive scheduling system. It’s easier to balance workloads by sharing jobs between all your team members and you can always see exactly what jobs each team member has been assigned.

  • Give specialist or important jobs to your key team members
  • When your team needs to get the job done fast you can assign multiple staff to a job, including a lead and back-up installer
  • See who has capacity and insert the job into their day
  • See ahead of time what that means for your resources and if other jobs need to be reassigned.
  • Adjust quickly when staff are away
  • Ensure all your jobs are allocated so nothing falls through the cracks
Smart Toolbox - Scheduling - Drag and drop
Smart Toolbox - Scheduling - Custom views

Custom Views

Create custom views

The schedule allows for flexible views so that you can see the most important information on one screen.

  • Change what you are seeing with the ability to show detailed mode
  • View total time taken from an installers day
  • Show gaps and customise gap duration
  • Show overlaps to identify when you've scheduled too tightly
  • Toggle map view & routes to plan efficiently
Anderson Glass

“Smart Toolbox is a huge help for schedules.
It’s been an amazing tool for our guys.”

Dylan Mahany - Anderson Glass

Smart Toolbox - Scheduling - Travel Times

Travel times

Stay on schedule with routes and travel times

Cut down on unnecessary travel time by planning your site visits efficiently.

  • Scheduling that is linked to an app on the installer's phone
  • Add jobs and make changes throughout the day with ease
  • Colour coded for each team member
  • Travel time and distance estimates are included for each job

Scheduling Statuses

Statuses for scheduling

When scheduling you have tasks that you can allocate. This lets you manage your tasks in a way that when visits are completed it will link back to the work order, marking it as ready to invoice.

When all items in the work order are invoicable, it is now ready to be completed. This is great for your accounts team to see which jobs are ready to be invoiced so you can keep your cash flow positive.

Smart Toolbox - Scheduling - Statuses
Smart Toolbox - Scheduling - Confirmations


Keep the customer informed with updates and confirmations

Happy customers are repeat customers and help you build your reputation. Smart Toolbox makes it easy for you to keep them updated. This is made much faster because the system auto-populates the customer's name, installer's name and customer contact information into your emails.

  • Give accurate information to customers on the phone
  • Find the best option available to you when you need to make changes
  • Email customers to confirm and change appointments
  • Quickly adjust times and dates
  • See how the changes affect your other timings
  • Updated job information can be synced to your team's phones

Scheduling Reports

Reports that actually make
running your business easier

Don’t waste time on information that doesn’t matter. Smart Toolbox has a wide range of reporting built in that is specifically designed for glass businesses like yours.

  • Report on time quoted vs actual time spent when the job is complete
  • Identify how accurate your estimates are and see where improvements can be made
  • See when materials for installation have been received
  • Easily see the total time and distance for all your team members
  • See which staff are regularly missing deadlines and whether you need to review staff allocation
Smart Toolbox - Scheduling - Reports

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