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A complete ordering system from start to finish for every job. Export to cutting tables, waterjets, other machinery and fabrication software.

Generate and easily track orders with Smart-Toolbox

Track orders

Generate and easily track orders

Smart Toolbox can create detailed purchase orders with the click of a button. You can email these directly from the software and our document statuses make it easy for anyone in your team to see what has been ordered and when it’s expected in.

  • Eliminate hand-drawn glass orders
  • Email your fabricator accurate glass drawings in PDF and DXF format
  • Track reworks and automatically feed costs back into your job margins
  • See due dates and overdue orders at a glance
  • Assign draft orders to senior staff for review
  • Export orders to your cutting table, CNC or waterjet
  • Export orders to Optima, A+W & LiSEC fabrication software

Order Sheets

Get rid of bad glass with easy to read order sheets

You’ll definitely be on your glass supplier’s Christmas card list when you start using Smart Toolbox. Purchase orders that are clear, accurate and consistent mean fewer mistakes and faster turnaround on your jobs.

  • Jobs are more profitable without wastage
  • Fabrication is faster when they don’t need to check each dimension
  • You can get through more jobs, impressing your customers and growing your profits
Ordering sheet
Order Integrations

Export Orders

Export orders to your fabrication machinery

If you’ve got a cutting table, CNC or waterjet in-house you’ll appreciate the ability to export your orders directly to your machinery and other leading fabrication software like A+W, Optima and LiSEC.

  • Reduce data entry and re-keying errors
  • Automatically produce and export machine ready files
  • Fewer mistakes, less wastage and faster turnaround times so you can complete more jobs in less time

Send To Your Fabricator

Send accurate glass drawings directly from Smart Toolbox

If you are sending orders to a fabricator you can send PDF documents or DXF format files directly from Smart Toolbox. These files are accurate and easy to understand and all of these small process improvements add up quickly.

  • Generate drawings you can trust and that a fabrication team understands
  • DXF files can often be imported directly into machinery, cutting down on re-keying errors
DXF File
Smart Toolbox - Ordering - Statuses

Order Statuses

Track your orders with clear order statuses

Statuses are linked to your purchase orders. You can make sure you've sent to them to the customer and identify which ones haven't been. Keeping track of which orders are due becomes simple. You can see overdue orders because you won't have marked them as being received.

  • Make inward purchase order management easier
  • Identify what you've received
  • Create shipments for when you are due to receive items
  • See which items are still outstanding
  • Know who you need to chase and what you are waiting on
  • When everything is received this links back to the work order and is marked as ready to go out to the customer


Manage and report on reworks

With Smart Toolbox you'll quickly see that you aren't needing nearly as many reworks as before, but when you do - reworks are easier to manage and reporting systems let you identify the causes so you can improve even further.

  • Easily reorder glass or products from your supplier
  • If you receive bad glass you can quickly notify and provide accurate plans
  • Mark reworks and record rework reasons
  • This allows you to report on why you're having to rework
  • Record whether the supplier or your team are at fault
  • With internal faults, you can allocate a fault to a particular user

You can choose how detailed you get with this but being able to clearly identify and report on reworks lets your business see what is really going on.

Smart Toolbox - Ordering - Reworks

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